COVID-19 procedures for the CAC

Our primary goal at the Child Advocacy Center of Niagara is to keep children and families safe. We continue this mission during the COVID-19 crisis. The Center remains open to provide support services to children and families. However, in-person appointments have been stopped with limited exceptions. We are quickly implementing telehealth and technology advances to provide therapy and support services. Child Advocacy Center staff continues to be available by phone. We encourage clients and professional partners to contact the Child Advocacy Center at 285-0045 with questions or concerns.

We remain open to provide services by phone and teleconferencing. We have implemented safety precautions including screening all persons at the Center, limitation of the number of persons present, changes to the Center’s physical environment and restructuring of CAC processes to allow social distancing.

THERAPY sessions continue to be conducted by the Center’s therapists via telehealth methods.

VICTIM SUPPORT SERVICES are being provided by Case Coordinators by telephone.

FORENSIC INTERVIEWS will be conducted at the Child Advocacy Center on an emergency basis only.

MEDICAL EVALUATIONS will be conducted at the Child Advocacy Center on an emergency basis only.

We recognize that these frightening times raise particular concerns for parents. Caregivers and children may have worries about catching COVID-19. Two very helpful resources to explain the virus and preventive measures include:

Thank you for your patience as we strive to balance public health concerns with our mission. We greatly appreciate the continued efforts of child protection workers, law enforcement professionals and healthcare providers to protect children during this public health crisis.

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