Safe Harbour Program

The Niagara County Safe Harbour Project is committed to protecting and assisting children who experience trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation.

Programs and Services

safe harbour services

How you can help stop child trafficking

If you suspect a child is a survivor of human trafficking or is at high risk, Safe Harbour’s intensive case management services may help.

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Know what to look for

Learn the red flags for children who are at high risk of human trafficking.

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Education and Prevention Services for Youth

Through programs like Love 146, we help teach youth about the dangers and warning signs of trafficking, and work to prevent it.

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Tools and Services for professionals

Schedule on-site training, utilize screening and referral services, or request technical assistance.

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What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the practice of exploiting people including children as commodities in conditions of sexual and labor servitude. Human trafficking occurs when a person benefits from another’s labor, services or sex acts.

Examples of child trafficking can include:

  • Forced sex work on the streets or in a residence, club, hotel, spa or massage parlor
  • Online commercial sexual exploitation
  • Exotic dancing or stripping
  • Agricultural, factory or meatpacking work; construction; domestic labor
  • Factory work
  • Door-to-door sales, street peddling or begging

Commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) is a global problem that could be happening right in your neighborhood. The commercial sex industry victimizes boys, girls and transgendered youth. CSEC occurs when individuals buy, trade or sell sexual acts with a child. A commercial sexual act occurs when anything of value is given to or received in exchange for a sexual act.

Examples of CSEC can include:

  • Images of child sexual abuse
  • Intra-familial exploitation of children and youth
  • Exotic dance or performance
  • Sex tourism
  • Cyber-enticement
  • Domestic minor sex trafficking

Many people confuse human trafficking with smuggling. In human trafficking, no transportation or border crossing is required. People can be trafficked by people they know or even family members right in their own homes.