Child Abuse Intervention Project

Niagara County Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Team

The Child Abuse Intervention Project – or CAIP (pronounced CAPE) – is Niagara County’s multidisciplinary child abuse team responding to reports of child abuse and maltreatment. A culmination of more than two decades of inter-agency cooperation in Niagara County, CAIP includes professionals in law enforcement and child protection, prosecutors, medical professionals, victim advocates, and mental health practitioners.

CAIP participants include:

  •  Child Advocacy Center of Niagara/Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center
  •  Lockport Police Department
  •  New York State Police
  •  Niagara County Department of Social Services
  •  Niagara County District Attorney’s Office
  •  Niagara County Sheriff’s Office
  •  Niagara County Victim Assistance Unit (NCSO)
  •  Niagara Falls Police Department
  •  North Tonawanda Police Department

CAIP addresses the most serious forms of suspected child abuse and maltreatment including sexual assault, physical injury, witnessing violence, child death, and child trafficking. CAIP team members also work closely with individuals and agencies addressing sexual assault, domestic violence, and other issues affecting the safety of children and families.

CAIP strives to respond to reports of child abuse and maltreatment in a coordinated manner, employing best practice methods in a child-centered environment to best serve the needs of child survivors of abuse and assault.