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Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Keep reading to learn about human trafficking, spot the signs, and know how to react if you suspect a youth is being trafficked or sexually exploited.
Make sure you join us on Wednesday, January 11th by wearing BLUE to raise awareness of human trafficking. … Continue reading

Strategies to Help Manage Holiday Stress

The Holidays can be a wonderful time for families, but it can also bring about stress. To help parents and caregivers deal with the demands of the season, we’ve provided a few strategies to help manage holiday stress and practice mindful parenting. … Continue reading

Holiday Giving

Our Child Advocacy Center works year-round to provide a welcoming space for the children who visit our center. We are always in need items, and we hope this season you will choose to include our CAC in your holiday giving.
There are many ways to give and lots of opportunities with Giving Tuesday, … Continue reading

Safe Sleep Awareness Month

October is Safe Sleep Awareness Month. Niagara County has lost 13 babies in the last 5 years due to unsafe sleep environments. Safe Sleep not only reduces the risks of SIDS but it reduces the risk of suffocation, entrapment and strangulation. … Continue reading

National Suicide Prevention Month

Our CAC recently had the opportunity to interview Rhiannon O’Shea, Community Education and Information Referral Program Director for the Mental Health Association in Niagara County. September is National Suicide Prevention Month and a great time to share important information with parents and caregivers on this topic. … Continue reading

When a Child Makes a Disclosure

When a child discloses abuse, an adult’s first reaction is the most important. The way an adult reacts, and how it is perceived by the child, can determine whether a child will continue to disclose or decide not to tell anyone ever again. … Continue reading

CAC Staff on Protecting Children

The CAC of Niagara staff work directly with children who are suspected victims of abuse. We work with law enforcement, child protection, prosecutors, victim advocates, medical professionals, mental health practitioners and many community agencies. Our roles provide us with a lot of insight on child abuse, … Continue reading

10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

Summer is approaching and kids will be out of school. We’ve put together a list of 10 ways to keep your kids safe this summer.
1)  Know where your kids are!

Do your research if you are using a babysitter or new daycare provider
Get details about Summer camps. … Continue reading

Children’s Mental Health Acceptance

Children’s Mental Health Acceptance week is in May and you may have noticed a change in wording this year. The National Federation of Families has changed Awareness to Acceptance. According to the National Federation of Families, awareness means we know it exists but acceptance means we make a personal connection and take steps to learn more. … Continue reading