Niagara County Single Point of Access for Children and Youth

Mental health services for families and service providers who are seeking help for a child with an emotional disability who is at risk. Participation is voluntary, and services are provided at no cost to families. Services include Intensive Case Management (ICM), Supportive Case Management (SCM), Home Based Crisis Intervention (HBCI), Home and Community Based Services Waiver, In-Home Respite, Family Support, Children’s Mental Health Housing (Residential Treatment Facilities and Community Residences) 

Referral from service provider needed. Child must be a Niagara County resident, aged 5 through 20 and have a diagnosis of Severe Emotional Disturbance and meet one of several criteria. For more information visit the SPOA website or call the Children’s SPOA Practitioner.


Niagara County Department of Mental Health

5467 Upper Mountain Road, Suite 200

Lockport, NY 14094