September is Baby Safety Month

Baby safety covers a lot of ground. If you want to read all about the ways to keep your baby safe, visit:

Let’s talk basics of babyproofing your house.

The best way to babyproof? Think like a baby! Get down low to the ground and see what they see. What hazards are around you? It’s important to get both male and female perspectives too since men and women tend to look at different things in terms of hazards and safety. Sockets should be covered and any exposed cords should be hidden with wall-mounted cord hiders or even behind walls.

Remove anything that’s hanging low enough to be pulled down. This means things like curtains and tablecloths. Now, you don’t have to remove the tablecloths and curtains, exactly, just fashion them so they aren’t hanging low enough for baby to grab and pull.

Babies are perhaps the most curious creatures on earth. If they can touch, lick, smell, bite, or pull something, they will. They need to be able to safely explore everything without fear that something can hurt them.

Babyproofing and childproofing is not a one-and-done process. As your baby grows and becomes more mobile, you’ll need to reassess where he or she can reach and what he or she can access and plan accordingly. Be one step ahead of their growth when you can! Baby gates are a must when you aren’t sure or can’t be right next to them at all times.

Keep up with products that have been recalled. This is as simple as registering products when you purchase them. Doing so means that you get instant communication on product recalls for safety issues.

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