The CAC Remains Open and Dedicated to Helping Kids and Families

We’re here to help when you need us!

Protecting children – the most vulnerable among us – requires constant effort and can be challenging in even the best of times. Circumstances are rarely ideal, but we are facing something unpredictable. That makes our jobs even harder as parents, caretakers, advocates, and members of the community. So, what do we do in times like these?

There is no guidebook for something like this. Children in abusive situations often talk to teachers, family members, friends, or neighbors, but these resources have been all but cut off because of quarantines, social distancing, and the closing of schools and other businesses. It is a time to step up for the children in our community, not to be discouraged about the things we cannot do. There is still so much we can do!

While our services have pivoted because of rules and regulations, we are still here for children and families. We are still working to raise awareness. And we are reaching out to the kids and families we support in the ways that we can.

The CAC of Niagara encourages you to do the same thing. Check in with friends and family who may find themselves working from home or not working at all; who are expected to now be caretakers and teachers to their children, with little help or guidance. Or, if you are a parent or caretaker and find yourself overwhelmed, reach out to someone for support or even just to connect and talk.

We are in this together. Local agencies are expanding services and offering support to families in need. Whether that need is transportation, financial assistance, or figuring out how to teach math to your nine-year-old, there are places you can turn for help!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to look for help, call us at (716)285-0045.

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